Still grieving after the death of her mother, Jilly decides to rent a cottage in the wilds of Derbyshire and write her mother’s biography.

A series of events follow from this plan which feature a fox, an axe, a hawk, a party on the eve of the summer solstice - and a man who emerges from a hedge.

Hedgeman is dark, brooding, reclusive and very irritable.

He also has a secret - which he’s unwilling to share with Jilly.

Whatever Hedgeman’s demons might be – and Jilly was certain he had them – he had not revealed them to her or even hinted at the possibility of ever allowing Jilly to know of them. She may be allowed admittance to his Lodge and his library and to glimpses of his life on the farm with the wondrous Jezebel and faithful Benj, but over his mind and thoughts, Jilly was excluded. “Keep out. Trespassers will be prosecuted,” she thought, and smiled to herself. It was strange how much one can learn about someone else in what is not revealed rather than what is.’

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