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Welcome to Helen Ryan's website. Helen is the author of Hedgeman, Putney Bridge, The Back Room, A Crack in the Door and The Contagion of Loss.

Her sixth novel The Demise of Gladys King is out in the next few weeks.

Helen was born in Sheffield and lived in the Peak District until, following graduation, she went off to London - seeking work. After a spell in publishing, she qualified as a solicitor eventually specialising in Children Act proceeding.

Readers of Helen's novels will know that she likes to explore the nature and limits of familial love, with a particular emphasis on the emotions which define our lives: guilt, grief, anger. Her books are short enough to be read in one or two sittings providing an intense, immersive literary experience.

Of A Crack in the Door one reviewer said 'This is a brilliant, hard-hitting, insightful novel about our responsibilities towards ourselves and others, and the line which divides the two. It is about how our lives intersect; how what you do affects me and vice versa.'

Another said of the same novel (Goodreads) - 'I rarely give 5 star ratings to any book, no matter how much I enjoyed it. But this one truly deserves it. I would have given it more stars if possible.'

To contact Helen please email or visit her Facebook Author page.

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Putney Bridge

The Back Room

A Crack In The Door

The Contagion of Loss